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Youngdale Grace 169B

PF Hoover Dam 041X x Young Dale Grace 107W

Angus Donor and Show Female of Significance

Canadian Western Agribition

Champion Black Angus 2 Year Old Pair 2016

Manitoba Ag-Ex Reserve Grand Champion Female 2016

Progeny of Youngdale Grace 169B

Jaymarandy Grace 4H - 169B Daughter

Jaymarandy Grace 640D - 169B Daughter and Donor at Jaymarandy

Jaymarandy Payweight 25H - 169B Son

1638732009978_IMG_7321 copy.jpg
25H copy_edited.jpg

MF Erica 8080
PVF Insight 0129 x MF Erica 6060
Angus Donor 

Progeny of MF Erica 8080

Jaymarandy Natural Renegade 122J - 8080 Son

122J copy_edited.jpg

Jaymarandy Fort Gary Horse 123J - 8080 Son

123J copy_edited.jpg

Jaymarandy Grace 640D
JUSTAMERE 1728 Maximum 430A x Youngdale Grace 169B
Angus Donor 

1638732009978_IMG_7321 copy.jpg

Progeny of Jaymarandy Grace 640D

Jaymarandy Lights & Sirens 911G - 640D Son

IMG_7544 copy.jpg

Jaymarandy The Lion 125J - 640D Son


Jaymarandy Grace 901G
JAYMARANDY Sweet Johnny 756E x JAYMARANDY Grace 510C
Angus Donor

IMG_7283 copy.jpg

Progeny of Jaymarandy Grace 901G

Jaymarandy BMX6 CBL Grace 107J - 901G Daughter

IMG_7286 copy.jpg

Jaymarandy Grace 913G
COLBURN Primo 5153 x YOUNG DALE Grace 107W
Angus Donor


Progeny of Jaymarandy Grace 913G

Jaymarandy One Eyed Jack 28H - 913G Son


Young Dale Grace 102Z
YOUNG DALE Bazaar 16W x YOUNG DALE Grace 107W
Angus Donor


Progeny of Young Dale Grace 102Z

Jaymarandy True North 26H  - 102Z Grandson

Jaymarandy Grace 101J  - 102Z Daughter

26H copy.jpg

Merit Socialite 8146F
NORTH CAMP Silver Star 5103 x MERIT Socialite 4064
Angus Donor

8146 cleaned_edited.jpg

Progeny of Merit Socialite 8146F

Jaymarandy CBL Fort Ellice 121J - 8146F Son

121J_2 copy_edited.jpg

Jaymarandy Georgina 908G
SAV Bismarck x Young Dale Georgina 68E (Believe)
Angus Donor

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